The Hundred Days Summer Tour

100 Days of Summer 2014 provides its members with the opportunity to share their creative work within the intense framework of providing one artistic submission per day for 100 days. Officially, we are beginning on June 15th and expect the program to run through September 30th or so. While remaining entirely flexible regarding what you choose to post, the following thematic structures are offered: on a rotating seven day cycle, the following:

Sunday – portrait or purple

Monday – sky or red

Tuesday – water or blue

Wednesday – forest, field, mountain, beach or green

Thursday – road, trail, rail. flight, sail or yellow

Friday – architecture, indoors or out or gray

Saturday – events (gatherings, cookouts, concerts, performing arts, community activities) or orange

For anyone desiring additional flexibility to the theme selection, the following pairs have been added:

Sunday – Contrast/Rhythm

Monday – Hazel/Drop

Tuesday – Brown/Meditation

Wednesday – White/Ornament

Thursday – Black/Winter Friday – Shiny/Special

Saturday – Weather/Close-up

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